Troublesome Tenants - Minimising risk with property inspections

troublesome tenants property inspections

Ensuring that your rent is collected each month is just one of the duties of a L&B - Property Management. Another is to help reduce the risk for landlords and to help protect their properties.

Property inspections are therefore one of the most important tasks we perform on a regular basis. At L&B - Property Management, we'll even visit potential tenants at their own home before commencing the referencing procedure - giving us an idea of how they are treating the home they live in.

Once we have placed tenants in a property, we'll perform inspections every 3 months - taking photos at each visit and communicating with landlords to keep them updated. If we spot any issues during a visit, we'll raise them with the landlord and also advise tenants of anything that may need to be done. We'll also schedule another inspection 28 days later to ensure that any issues have been resolved. If a tenant does not do what has been requested satisfactorily, we'll communicate with the landlord before deciding on the next course of action.

Whilst tenants are required to inform landlords immediately if something needs repairing, We find that these regular visits can help to spot small issues that tenants may miss or simply have grown accustomed to. It helps to help raise issues on-time and to prevent them from escalating into a more costly situation.

We also believe in developing a good rapport with tenants. If they are looking after a property well, we'll let them know and we respect a tenant's rights by giving adequate notice and encouraging a two way feedback.

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