Pet Friendly Rentals - Landlord Considerations

pet friendly rentals a landlords perspective

At L&B - Property Management, we love pets. We have pets ourselves and we know how hard it can be to find rental property or landlords that allow pets. Buts what's all the fuss about? In this article we'll take a look at the risks and benefits of allowing pets from a landlord's perspective.

To start with, many landlords do not allow pets which automatically creates extra value on pet friendly properties in the eyes of certain potential tenants. It means that landlords may be able to charge a little extra because of this. By allowing pets, landlords are also making their property attractive to a much wider audience and are therefore more likely to find tenants - tenants that stay! In our experience, tenants who are allowed pets tend to be very appreciative and want to show that they are responsible and as a result, they look after the property well.

There are of course concerns about allowing pets in rented property. Many landlords are worried that pets are destructive or smelly or may disturb neighbours. These can be real issues but we feel that there is no such thing as a bad pet, just bad owner. Letting agencies and landlords have procedures to help minimise the risks associated with bad tenants. These procedures should help to avoid the type of tenants who cause problems - whether they are the result of a human or an animal’s actions. Good tenants have the right attitude towards rented property. They are the types of people who do look after their animals, their cleanliness and who do not allow the kind of behaviour that could damage property or cause a nuisance.

Of course accidents happen and landlords may also chose to include additional security deposits or other pet specific terms in their agreements. A specialised clean at the end of a tenancy is a common example. We find that most pet owners are very much willing to agree to these terms.

In summary, if you have a good tenancy agreement in place, good references from previous landlords and a good vetting procedure, we see no reason why you should not allow common pets in your rented property. Create terms which make you as the landlord feel comfortable and enjoy long term tenants who appreciate the fact that they can live with their loved ones.

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